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Recent Visitors

Transitional Living Services

It was great to have the Transitional Living Services Board of Trustees retreat here on Nov. 12, 2010. Transitional Living Services helps veterans who have become homeless because of mental illness, addictions or other misfortunes find sustainable employment. Transitional Living Services was founded by a veteran of the Vietnam War because he saw firsthand what the damages of war can do to a person. After seeing our facility, they talked about bringing veterans here for a team-building retreat.


The YMCA hosted a mid-week training session here in September 2010. There were a total of 29 participants from all over the state of Wisconsin. Even though they were here attending a training conference, they took time to get a history lesson about George Williams College and the strong roots the college has with the YMCA.

Milwaukee 7

The Milwaukee 7 Regional Economic Development Advisory Council held a meeting in historic Lewis Hall in October 2010. Many high-profile business leaders and politicians from the seven counties surrounding Milwaukee were on campus, including Gov. Scott Walker. The council's main goal is to build the region's capacity and accelerate economic growth.

Northwestern University IBiS

The Northwestern University Interdepartmental Biological Sciences graduate program was started in 1993. At the beginning of each academic year, IBiS holds its annual scientific retreat here at George Williams College. The retreat provides a two-fold opportunity to the program's faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows and staff. First, it presents an overview of the broad spectrum of research taking place in the IBiS laboratories. Second, it gives participants a chance to interact with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

New Trier High School Choir

New Trier High School brought its choir here for the second straight year, giving the students a fun-filled weekend of singing and bonding. Derek Fawcett said, "Your space, staff and surroundings were all wonderful. Expect to hear from us again next year."

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Global Mission

ELCA Global Mission came back to George Williams College in October 2010 for a three-day event. This retreat was a debriefing for all the participants ending their one-year mission. ELCA was so happy to be back, they have tentatively planned two retreats here annually for the next two years!

Children's Oncology Services

One Step at a Time Winter Camp was an overwhelming success. The camp had 211 attendees here at George Williams College between Christmas and New Year's. Jill Kulbok, director of program services, said, "Our relationship with GWC has never been better."

Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago

In December 2010, KICP brought 15 kids and nine instructors to George Williams College. While here, the participants did research at Yerkes Observatory and had first-hand experience with research-grade astronomical instruments. At the end of the three-day retreat, the kids presented their findings to their parents. KICP was founded by Dr. Larry Hawkins, an alumnus of George Williams College (B.S. '56 and M.S. '72). Carol Moseley Braun was a former participant of KICP and credits her success to him. Braun was the first African-American female U.S. senator. You never know who has visited George Williams College in the past!

North Central District Illinois Student Council

The North Central District Illinois Student Council held its winter retreat here at George Williams College on Dec. 3-4, 2010, bringing 144 student council members to campus for a retreat. While they were here, they held meetings in Lewis Hall and had a chance to participate in the OWLS team-building program for half a day.